rolling ball sculpture - track components

Outlined below are a number of the track components which can be incorporated into a rolling ball sculpture. The components below include:

Conical Spiral

This component is a combination of the tall spiral and concentric spiral.

Double Spiral

The double spiral is a new spiral I created. It works well when two sets of marbles enter the spiral at the same time (as shown). It does require a double multiple tipping arm prior to the spiral for this to occur.

Double Tipping Arm

The double tipping arm can be used with single or multiple marbles.

Bowl Collector

The bowl collector is a great way to combine multiple tracks into one before returning to the lifting device. *The bowl requires a minimum of 350mm depth to fit on a sculpture.

Balls on Track

Newton's law is evident in this component. A series of marbles are placed on a special section of track. When a marble hits the first resting marble the energy is transferred through all the resting marbles. The last marble then continues down the sculpture.

Cascading Rings

A component with evenly spaced rings (slightly larger than the marble diameter) positioned off center to create a cascading effect. The component requires a large fall and a minimum of six rings are required.

Curved Wavy Track

Straight wavy track looks spectacular, however you may like the look of curved wavy track. As with straight wavy track, it looks nice with at least three peaks and three valleys.


A favorite component and a "must have" in any sculpture. A series of loops similar to a loop-the-loop on a rollercoaster, which make the marbles spin very fast. A great way to finish the loops is having the marble exit the loops upside down.

Multiple Tipping Arm

A counterweighted arm on a pivot that collects more than one marble and tips only when all marbles have entered the arm. Can be made for up to five marbles. This is effective when either loops or a concentric spiral are added after the multiple tipping arm component.


All our sculptures can be personalised to meet your requirements. You can add a person's or company name may adorn the sculpture. A name adds a great personal touch to the sculpture that the recipient will appreciate and remember forever!

Rollover Track

The marble travels along a section of track and one of the rails ends. A new rail starts on the opposite side of the track and the marble flips from one rail to the other.

Serpentine Track

A series of semi circle tracks welded together to form a snake shape track. The marble slows significantly on this component, which requires little fall to keep the ball moving. The track can be made to suit any length.

Single Tipping Arm

A counterweighted arm on a pivot collects an incoming marble and tips when the marble enters. Once released the arm self relocates to accept the next marble. This component is also available in multiple ball options.


A nice addition to any sculpture. The spinner is a small ring or swinging gate that the marble passes under and causes it to spin. Adds an audio kinetic feature to your sculpture.

Spiral - Concentric

A component that looks great on any sculpture. The marble enters the outside of the spiral and gradually makes it's way to the center before continuing on it's journey. Multiple spirals on a sculpture look very effective.

Spiral - Tall

A long cylindrical piece of track. The marble enters the top of the spiral and spins in tight circles until released at the bottom. This track requires a large amount of fall on any given sculpture. Available in any height up to 30cms, depending on the size of marble used.

Track Switch

This component is a 'left and right' switch whereby each marble takes an alternate path. They are used to divide a track into two.

Wavy Track

This track consists or several 'up and down' sections of track . the track requires enough speed to keep the ball rolling. The more "waves" in the track the greater the fall required. As a guide - the track looks nice with at least three peaks and three valleys. The track can be either straight or curved.